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Grant Program Worth $1 Million Launched to Boost Everett’s Economy

Five hundred fifty-three companies in Everett, Washington who sought a grant earlier this year were awarded a total of half a million dollars to assist them in dealing with expenditures associated with the COVTD-19 outbreak, according to a report published earlier this year.

Grants are again being offered to small company owners inside the municipal limits of Everett in yet another round of competition. Here’s some additional information from the City of Everett.

The application process for the Everett CARES grant program’s second phase will start on Thursday, August 20 at 5 p.m. for small companies in the city of Everett. The deadline to submit an application is August 20. Applications must be submitted by 5 p.m. on Friday, September 11th.

The federal 2020 CARES Act, administered by the Washington State Department of Commerce, provided cash for the second round of the Everett CARES grant program, which made it feasible. It is worth noting that the City of Everett is now able to give grants of $10,000 to small firms with 1-20 workers and grants of $20,000 to enterprises with 21-50 employees under the second round of funding.

In order to help Everett companies recover from this tough period and continue to supply goods and services, the program’s purpose is to mobilize an influx of resources to assist them in overcoming their difficulties.

The first round of the Everett CARES grant program, which took place earlier this year, got 153 applications from small businesses, with 50 of them being given $10,000 awards in the first round. Thirty-seven small enterprises are owned by women, fourteen by minorities, four by veterans, and two are held by persons who identify as LGBTQIA, according to the report.

Businesses must satisfy the following standards in order to be considered:

  • The City of Everett requires that your small business obtain a business license.
  • Your small company, whether it is a brick and mortar establishment or a home-based operation, must be situated within the city limits of Everett. Why Your small firm will not be able to compete with national chains.
  • There must not be any current lawsuit or legal action against your firm.
  • Your organization has not had any state or local compliance or regulatory difficulties.
  • Your small business must have between 1 and 50 full-time equivalents (FTE) employees at the time of application. Owners are treated as though they were employees. The total number of full-time equivalents (FTEs) and the total number of individuals employed will be requested from applicants.

You may find out more about eligibility and the application procedure by visiting the website

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