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Everett Is the New Home of the Electric Aviation Company

According to the firm, an aviation start-up has stated that it would consolidate its activities at a new site in Washington state, effective immediately.

The Seattle Times reported that the local business MagniX announced on Tuesday that it has relocated its headquarters and 50-person team from Redmond to Everett, Washington.

Electric motors are being developed by the business to replace gas turbine engines in commuter aircraft that can transport up to 40 people. It will contain the company’s engineering, manufacturing, testing, and delivery of its motors in the new 40,000-square-foot (3,700-square-meter) facility.

CEO Roei Ganzarski, a former Boeing executive, stated that the consolidation had been in the works for some time but had been pushed by the pandemic-driven slowdown that was impacting potential customers.

He stated that MagniX closed its engineering facility in Australia and lay off the majority of its 30 employees in order to reduce operational and staffing costs. Ten of those employees have migrated to the city of Everett.

Ganzarski expects the firm to grow to “at least 60” employees in the following months, according to him.

According to The Times, the MagniX electric motor technology was first invented in Australia, and the firm was launched there the following year. In 2018, the company established a U.S. headquarters and engineering facility in Redmond, Washington.

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